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"Our Mutual Friend" picspam — Lizzie & Eugene

We meet Lizzie Hexam and Eugene Wrayburn. One, a lowly girl whose father makes his way from the garbage from the river. The other, a wealthy aristocat who is bored to death with the upper class.
Gaffer Hexam: ...You hate the very sight of this river. As if it wasn't your living. As if it wasn't meat an' drink to ya. Lizzie, the driftwood fire that warmed you when you was a baby was pulled out of the river.

Eugene: [On everyone's interest in Mr Harmon's death] Society becomes restless when it smells a great fortune left unclaimed.

The two meet in grizzly circumstances — a corpse dragged out of the river. They don't speak to each other but the sparks fly!
Lizzie: I was so shy that first night I saw him I wished I could disappear!

Miss Abby (a.k.a. Mrs Jennings from S&S 2008 and Queenie from Lark Rise) begs Lizzie to leave her father and better her life.
Lizzie: You don't know him. The more my father is accused the more he needs me to lean on.

She knows she must send her [selfish, ungrateful, bratty] brother away so he can get a better life.

Eugene: How could I possibly undertake matrimony? I, so easily bored.
No — he doesn't want his father's choice of bride because he cannot get Lizzie out of his head!

David Morrissey!!! In all his creeper, crazy stalker glory. (Oh, that Lizzie's brother had found another teacher!)

Jenny Wren: Don't she look well? Everyone thinks so, don't they, Lizzie my dear?
Bradley Headstone most certainly agrees. No harm in letting Charlie visit more often.

Eugene: I propose to be of use to someone which I never was in this world nor ever will be again... Please don't be distressed. I'm afraid I'm a little disappointed... I'd rather set my heart in doing this little thing for you, and Jenny.
He's totally guilt-tripping her! For shame. ;)

Lizzie: I think I've hesitated long enough, Mr Wrayburn. I hope you won't think the worst of me... I thankfully accept your offer.
Eugene: [Grinning] Agreed. Let's hope we never make so much of so little again!
The looks! The smiles! I love how Lizzie transforms him. *swoon*

Lizzie: He's a very strange man.
Jenny: I wish he was so very strange a man as to be a total stranger.
Creepy, creepy, creepy! Why do guys think girls are these muses to be stalked and possessed???

Jenny: And now let's have a talk about Mr Eugene Wrayburn... If you were to meet him on equal terms, what would you think of him?
Lizzie: Well, he has his failings but I think it's for the want of someone to trust in. And if I were a lady — which I'll never be — I would help him. Maybe I could help him become more — even though I am so far beneath him — to even think of being beside him...

Mr Headstone: Most unfortunate for me that I wish you to see me at my best I know you see me at my worst... It is my destiny. You are the ruin of me... You are always in my thoughts.
Lizzie: I don't like you. I never have liked you. And no other living creature has anything to do with the affect that you yourself have produced on me.
Headstone: You may imagine how low my self-respect lies now. Lies under [Eugene Wrayburn's] feet and he treads upon it as he exalts in it.

Charley Hexam: You're a bad girl and a false sister and I'm done with you. I'm done with you forever!
Ohhh, poor Lizzie. And stupid, stupid brother! That's what has her most upset.

Eugene: Lizzie — Lizzie, what's the matter?
Lizzie: Mr Wrayburn, please leave me alone.
Eugene: Lizzie, you know I've come expressly to see you.
Lizzie: Mr Wrayburn, leave me. And pray, be careful for yourself... I've had a bitter trial tonight... I am wretched. Remember what I said to you, take care.
Eugene: Oh, Lizzie. You'll not tell me to go away. Lizzie — You will not send me away from you...
[Lizzie leaves and Eugene stays outside her window]
He stays by her window! And see how many times he says her name. Lizzie keeps calling him "Mr Wrayburn" but he calls her Lizzie.

Colonel Brandon pining for Marianne Creepy stalker "in love" with Lizzie... and Eugene is pining for Lizzie and desperate to find her.

Girl talk time! This makes me wish we had more scenes of Bella and Lizzie. They'd be such good friends, and I think they could both use a best girlfriend.
Bella: I hope you forget about both these men. The violent one and the one who is not worthy of you.
Lizzie: Oh, no, I do not want to forget about him! If I should forget about him, I should lose my belief that if I had been his equal and he had loved me then I would have tried with everything I have to make him better and happier... I love him. I love him so much and so dearly...

Eugene: Hello, Lizzie. Pleasant surprise. I was out for a day on the river — actually, I was on business and who should I find.
Lizzie: Mr Wrayburn, you must leave this place instantly.
Eugene: I will. If you'll grant me an interview, a private interview. Then I will leave, I promise.

Lizzie: Will you walk beside me, Mr Wrayburn, and not touch me.
Eugene: I'll try. Lizzie, don't be unhappy. Don't be reproachful.
Lizzie: Mr Wrayburn, you must leave this place.
Eugene: Lizzie, you know I can't go away. You won't let me. Now I don't mean you design to keep me here, but you do it. You do.

Lizzie: When you said you were surprised to see me — was it true?
Eugene: It was not in the least true. I came here to find you.

Well, duh.

Eugene: Oh, Lizzie. I never thought there was a woman in the world who could affect me so much. You don't know how you hold me, you bewilder me. You don't know how the carelessness that helps me at every other stage of my life cannot help me now. You've struck it dead. Sometimes I wish you'd struck me dead with it.
Lizzie: You must think of what you're doing... Think of me.
Eugene: Tell me how not to think of you, you'll change me altogether!

Eugene: Are you so determined to run away from me? Answer me this: If we had been on equal terms, would you make me leave?
Lizzie: I don't know.
Eugene: Would you still have hated me?
Lizzie: You know me better than that! How can I think of you as being on equal terms? That first night I met you when you looked at me so attentively I had to draw away. Having so looked up to you and wondered at you since that night...
Lizzie: If you do feel for me in the way you've said this evening then there is nothing for us in this life but separation... Heaven help you and heaven bless you.

Eugene: Lizzie, I can promise you no more tonight except — I will try to do as you wish... I will — try...
Eugene: Who could believe this — ridiculous position. Ah, yes. I've gained a wonderful power over her. She loves me! ... Now suppose... I married her. Impossible! And yet I should like to meet the fellow who could tell me I do not love her. For her true beauty, her warmth. And in spite of myself I'd not be true to her... I'd like to hear any fellow say a word against her. Yet she begs me to go away. I'll not go away. I will try her again. She will not resist me. Eugene, Eugene, this is a bad business... Now the question to leave her or to marry her...

Not to put a damper on the romance, but am I hearing this right? He is planning to seduce her one way or the other — He just can't make up his mind whether or not he's going to marry her. I've heard it said that if it wasn't for his being attacked he would probably have just left Lizzie... :S

Lizzie: I think I could not [lift and carry his weight] sir but, I'm sure that I did.
Doctor: [To a nurse] Attend to the girl. She must be amazingly strong at heart, but I fear that she's set her heart upon the dead.
Are you really happy now, Headstone? Take heart, Lizzie — this is what will bring you your happily-ever-after!

Jenny: He's still alive.
Mortimer: If he were gone she would still be sitting by him.
Eugene: Mortimer... this attacker, murderer — he must never be brought to justice. She will be punished. Her innocent reputation... I've injured her enough. I would have injured her more, believe me. You must not avenge me at her expense.

Mortimer: Eugene, listen to me. Were you about to ask me... if I would entreat [Lizzie] to be your wife?
Eugene: God bless you, Mortimer.

No words, save for the rector's speech in Latin. And they are married! So bittersweet. (In hindsight, everyone could be a little happier, no?)

Eugene: I bless the day!
Lizzie: I bless the day!
Eugene: You've made a poor marriage, Lizzie. Shattered, graceless man. Next to nothing to leave you a young widow.
Lizzie: I've made a marriage I would've given all the world for.
Eugene: You've thrown your heart away.
LIzzie: No, I've given it to you most freely, most happily.
Eugene: If you should see me wandering, Lizzie, call my name and I think I shall come back.
Lizzie: Eugene, not so soon — come back!
Eugene: Lizzie, you call me back from the dead.
Lizzie: Live for me, live to see how hard I will try to improve myself.
Eugene: You cannot be improved upon my darling. Impossible! On the contrary, I was thinking dying is about the best thing I can do.
Lizzie: And leave me with a broken heart?
Eugene: You seem to think quite well of me.
Lizzie: Heaven knows I love you dearly.
Eugene: If I were to live, you might find me out... I'm afraid that if I were to live I would disappoint... [She kisses him]

Eugene fades in and out of consciousness and sees Lizzie by his side.

Lizzie: Don't let him get overexcited, Mortimer. Visitors bring up his spirits. [She leaves]
Eugene: ... [Talking about Bradley Headtsone] No, he does not live. And he did me a favour. Consider this: had he not attacked me, I don't know what I would've done. How I would've injured her in my reckless passion. I would've lost her respect. Any possibility of our love would've gone forever. Consider what I have now, and then tell me that the schoolmaster lives... knowing as he does that he brought us together!
First of all AHHHHH — Eugene would have ruined Lizzie. Not very romantic if you ask me. Thankfully, in this twisted way, Bradley was the catalyst that resulted in the happily-ever-after for Lizzie and Eugene! I don't think Eugene deserves it but Lizzie sure does.

These end shots are so cute! So happy and sunny and perfect. (And I just love Bella with the baby — but sorry, that's for another picspam.)

Eugene: My wife is somewhat nearer to my heart than society is. So if I should ever think to hide her away then you — who I love next best in all the world — will tell me, she would have done better that night I lay bleeding to death to turn me over with her foot and spit in my face... As for myself, come hell or damnation, I really couldn't care less [what society thinks].

Mr Tremlow: If this gentleman's feelings induced him to marry this lady then he is the greater gentleman for the action and she is the greater lady.

- Caps by tempest_icons (here) and nancherrow (here).

I didn't want to neglect Lizzie and Eugene with all my Bella & John love, so they got their fair due! I don't think it's my fault that there are slightly less caps than those for Bella & John.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them. :)
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